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My fever was quite nice, how was yours?

I am back from my trip to delirium for the past two days, maybe more. It isn't very often that I find myself so sick and feverish that I actually black out for a while, but I don't really remember much of those first twenty four hours I was bedridden. Boo hoo, poor me, blah blah. It was some sort of virus, I think. I feel much better now -- Vera has finished her mashed potatoes and ravioli and is watching her Virtual Wonderland Party, and I'm starting to clean up the mess her mommy left for me. I missed them both so very much, as well as eating and bathing. Yes, it's nice to feel better.

The jackalope sez: "Eat those raviolis, little girl, or I'm gonna eat your little toes!"

(Okay, the jackalope doen't say that, Daddy does. But I still thought it bore repeating. Hell, I might eat them no matter what.)
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