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Where's the fanfare?

...but thy words, with grace divine
Imbued, bring to their sweetness no satiety.

- John Milton,
Paradise Lost

If only.

I'm not even sure if there's a soul left out there who remembers I have a Livejournal account, much less one of those few who has stuck around to read it by now. But given that I now spend innumerable hours of my work day sitting in front of a computer, I figured I ought to find some semi-constructive distraction from data entry. And now you're reading it. Aren't you lucky.

Since Ariel covers our family life as completely as anyone could expect (especially the adventures and misadventures of the ever-precocious Princess Vera), I can't claim that there's a shred of interesting material in the remainder of my life. Anyone who spends as much time as me in FileMaker Pro can vouch for this, as well as anyone who has ever stood for hours in a basement sorting mail. But below (in no particular order) are the two things that make it all worthwhile. They are also two of the reasons it is necessary for me to consume a prodigious amount of caffeine in a day, but that's a story for another evening.

Even still, I am the luckiest man alive.

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